Angelus Zoom Sessions

September - November 2021 - Thursday Evenings

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Come and be actively involved. Invite friends and other groups as well. BE bold and send them our link. We all need spiritual nourishment in this time of lockdown.

Let’s form a living Zoom Community that bonds and outreaches to others through the Holy Spirit’s anointing. We are so blessed to have these presenters to nurture and guide us in our faith journey.

Mary of the Angelus Community is inviting you for the next twelve weeks to take time out on a Thursday night at 7 P.M for just 30 minutes. We are all members of Marys Prayer Chain to bring the Good News to the Poor. Luke 4:18. She will refresh and rejuvenate us through these sessions.

Look forward to seeing you on line. Valerie Murphy

angelus zoom sessions

Speakers - Presentations


9/9/21 Fr. Anselm Okeke : The Holy Spirit’s Activity within the Church

16/9/21 Martin Costigan: Meditation on H/S Charisms of Wisdom & Knowledge

23/9/21 Fr. Erick Quinteros: Miracles, Pope Francis

30/9/21 Neva Sultana A Scriptural Meditation