What Are Blessed Mary Of The Angelus Intercessory Prayer Jewels

Every Mary of the Angelus Member at their Act of consecration receive the prayer anointing for these prayer jewels.

Mary’s Crowning by Jesus before the Father honours the mystical coronation of her title as Queen of Heaven and of Earth. Her Prayer Crown is studded with precious jewels that radiates God’s glory. As Mother of the Church and Spouse of the Holy Spirit she is continuously giving birth to Jesus in all of mankind through her prayers of intercession

Praying to receive Mary’s prayer jewels will help us to rebuild God’s temple that has been damaged or destroyed by the effects of sin. The different jewels reflect Jesus glorified. They help us to mend broken hearts and release people in bondage to their anger, rejection, fears, suicide unforgiveness etc., by meditating upon and praying the devotional prayers of Mother Church.

The first Prayer Jewel that Mary of the Angelus offers her members is to be poor in spirit. When we proclaim our own weaknesses or sinfulness and connect our poverty with the poverty of our brothers and sisters, we become the Church of the poor, which is the Church of Jesus. The story of our lives becomes a living prayer testimony for us and for others when we intercede and ask Jesus to bless others in the same way as he has blessed us. (Visit Prayer Ministry Tab How to be Poor in Spirit)

The second Prayer Jewel she offers us is the Litanies of the Name of Jesus. Litany Prayer Devotions help us to proclaim the power and promises of God’s word in Scripture and the teachings of the Church. They are a very powerful form of prayer for the deliverance and healing of a wounded spirit.( Visit Prayer Ministry Tab How to Pray a Litany).

The third PrayerJewel is the Stations of the Cross or the Way of the Cross. The Stations help us to focus on the pain and sufferings of Jesus and his blood that was spilt for us for our redemption. Each Station has a special grace to set us free from our emotional pain and wounds that keep us in bondage to un-forgiveness and sin. (Visit Prayer Ministry Tab: Stations of the Cross).

The fourth Prayer Jewel is the Divine Mercy Chaplet

Jesus frequently visited St Faustina and asked her to paint a picture of Himself with a red and white light flowing from his heart like the blood and water that flowed from His side when the soldier pierced His side with the spear. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU are the words Jesus asked her to place at the base of the picture to pray for trust in His merciful love.

The Encyclical of Pope John Paul II. “God who is Rich in Mercy”, teaches that the idea of merciful love is described by God in two terms. One of tender motherly love and the other presents us the faithful, covenant or fatherly love.( Visit Prayer Ministry Tab How to Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet )

The fifth Prayer Jewel is Mary’s Rosary

The name means rosebush or crown of roses. Before the 15th century unschooled people recited 150 Our Fathers in place of the 150 Psalms on the Psalter. Then St. Dominic revamped the Rosary into its present form as a powerful spiritual weapon to obtain the conversion of hearts for sinners.

The Rosary consists of two complementary parts; the meditation or reflection on some important events;(Mysteries) in the life of Jesus and Mary and; recitation of a number of vocal prayers (Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be and the Fatima Prayer) The Rosary is a Christ centred prayer that dwells on the mystery of our salvation and on the different moments in the life of Christ.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit each mystery can be appropriated to us or others for the healing of life’s hurts. (Visit Prayer Ministry Tab How to Pray the Rosary).

The sixth Jewel is Mary’s Diadem Crown for Intercession.

In the book of Revelation 21:19-20 reference is made to jewels or mystical prayer graces for the rebuilding of the New Jerusalem. The prayer of contemplation releases these mystical graces for the prayer gifts of intercession within us. (Visit Prayer Ministry Tab: How to pray for Marys Intercessory Prayer Charisms)

Put the Diadem of the Eternal ones glory on your head, for God means to show your splendour to every nation under heaven, and the name God gives you for evermore will be Peace through justice, and Glory through Devotion. Baruch 5: 2-5.

The seventh Jewel is Mary’s Crown of Twelve Stars

As we contemplate God’s Word in Rev: 12 about the woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and on her head a mystical crown of twelve stars we receive God’s anointing for the prayer ministry of evangelization. His Holy Spirit infuses us with wisdom knowledge and understanding about the angelic spiritual realms of light and darkness. We are now supernaturally enlightened through God’s love how to intercede in spiritual warfare for the salvation of souls.


Prayer Comment:

Not all forms of healing prayer will need angelic assistance. God’s love and mercy flows through to us through the power of God’s Word, Liturgy, and the Sacramental life of the Church. The assistance of the angels are required when Satan has a stronghold or principality of evil well established within a person. They expose and dispel the powers of darkness that is continuously lying and corrupting a person’s soul from being formed through God’s spirit of love, truth and integrity. .