Can I be cursed in the Womb?

child in the wombIn the secular world a curse can be a vindictive form of expression or threat that someone may express towards an individual or a whole family.
In the spiritual world a different reality exists concerning curses.

oppressedThe power of someone’s words incited by hate or malicious intent towards God or others will initiate an oppressive spiritual presence that forms a darkness or heaviness to exist over the victims of the curse and the person who uttered the curse. Curses can flow down to the succeeding generations especially when a person may curse someone and all their children’s children to be harmed in some way.

healing processWe can pray for Jesus to lift the curse as he came to set the captives free but we will need to forgive if we are the victim or ask for God’s forgiveness and mercy if we are a descendant that may have uttered the curse. It’s very difficult for us to know about our ancestors actions towards God and others unless the Holy Spirit enlightens us. In many cases he does by bringing to our mind stories about relatives or past family members who died still angry with the Church or the priests or another person etc

Bless those who curse you and pray for those who treat you badly.( Luke 6:28 )

In a blessing we wish for the other person to receive a share in God’s goodness. In the situation of a curse we pray for God’s goodness which is stronger than any ill will to help someone who has suffered the effects of a curse.


If we believe we have been cursed in the womb or those in our family tree have cursed others we can pray

cross“Jesus you set us free from the effects of curses when you were nailed to a cross and forgave all those who cursed you. Jesus in the power of your Name I forgive all those who have cursed me and I pray for God’s mercy to flow upon me and upon those who cursed me. Amen “

If any members of my family tree have cursed others I ask God’s forgiveness for them and I pray for God Mercy to flow upon them and those they may have cursed. May Jesus continue to bless them and us? In Jesus Name I pray Amen.

Prayer Comment:

The power of curses prevents us from growing in God’s love and to receive his blessings. It also has the same effect upon those we have cursed. So when we pray it’s important for us to ask for God’s mercy for the accursed and those who initiated the curse. God wants everyone to receive his healing love and many people are unaware about the effects of curses that remain for generations.

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